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HDH Co., recently created a Joint Venture (LFB Arabia) with LFB S.A., a leading plasma fractionation and biotechnological company thats a French based and owned-read more under our companies

Dont miss our online Calendar with WHOs featured days highlighting international health issues- you can request for a hard copy of 2011 just send us your address.

Under Focused Medical our Orthopaedic specialty clinic in jeddah which is the first specialized center in treatment of musculoskeletal disease and rehabilitation in saudi arabia thats patient FOCUSED- take a look at their patient education webpage

AL Bait Medical Center located adjacent to the holy Haram at King Abdulaziz endowment offering multiple healthcare services - check out their online virtual tour or feel free to call and book your own tour

Our facilities are supported by an integrated control system which is statistically and mathematically controlled, IT dependent and process driven to achieve the best service quality and the utmost customer satisfaction.

CARE-RTKL is a global healthcare planning and technology company providing regional solutions for clients that require competitive, comprehensive medical planning, medical equipment planning and medical technology solutions for their healthcare institutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the region.

Focus Medical Company is a Saudi limited liability company focused on specialties and Sub-Specialties in healthcare services. The company aims to establish different subspecialty healthcare facilities in the region.

LFB Arabia is a partnership between HDH and LFB S.A to build a plasma fractional plant in Saudi Arabia, the first of its kind in the region

a Subsidiary of HDH that undertake medical equipments turnkey projects for hospitals, currently, it is working on King Saud University to plan, procure, deliver and commission medical equipments for these projects.