Like all aspects of health system strengthening, changes in health financing must be tailored to the history, institutions and traditions of each country. Most systems involve a mix of public and private financing and public and private provision, and there is no one template for action.

In addition to implementing cost-effective methodologies in all healthcare processes from infrastructure to service provision, insurance is becoming a pass-through mechanism in Saudi Arabia. Despite the push for healthcare insurance policies for all citizens, the health insurance field is still relatively new in the country. However, important principles to guide any country’s approach to financing include reducing reliance on out-of-pocket payments where they are high, by moving towards prepayment systems involving pooling of financial risks across population groups.

There is a local need for a progressive insurance brokerage company that understands the importance of obtaining low-cost corporate insurance rates. There is also an urgent need to educate and impart knowledge to our community about the opportunities they have with health insurance. HDH is committed to provide sustainable and integrated delivery network to the community.




Healthcare  Development  Holding  (HDH)  Company   was   formed  in  November  2008  with  the  objective  of developing  and  providing  a  wide  range  of  healthcare  services  while  focusing  on   building   local  expertise. HDH  plans  to achieve its goals through the  strength  of  its  experienced   local   staff and  international  partners.




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