Our model is founded on sustainable development, the philosophy and inspiration behind the conception of HDH. It  is  something that can only be achieved if we are constantly mindful of our chosen role in the care process. The sort of consciousness that enables us to originate and direct  every  action  to fulfill the purposes we set out to reach.


Our Healthcare Development Framework provides a straightforward representation of this business model.


Stemming from our belief of the community as the source for the rise and development of the Kingdom, community will always be the center of HDH operations. Therefore, our community is the compass guiding all our planning and decision making.


Our community orientation is guided by our values: integrity, respect, quality, and community service. This core creates a driving force that fuels our operational wheel, a dynamic environment based on the foundational components identified in WHO’s building blocks, symbolizing the robust nature of the framework.


Six interlocking gearwheels emphasize the synchrony of interaction between them. Each gearwheel supports the operational flow of the other throughout the cycle, and together  they  provide  an  effective  and  balanced   execution of the mission. If they are to function in unison, the day-to-day operational wheel  of business will orbit to achieve our vision  as a  leading development company in healthcare.


To  reach the desirable outcomes of an integrated healthcare system, the operational wheel will work in synchrony to generate purposeful change to:


Plan the growth goals of human capital to accomplish development and optimize effectiveness of the workforce


Ensure that the decision making process is guided a solid health information to sustain operational excellence on the long term


Optimize financial resources with efficient and integrated management


Provide the community with health services delivery that encompasses all the dimensions of care


Standardize and implement best practices in manufacturing processes and local supply of medical products and technology to reach sufficiency and lead the regional market


Establish an advanced infrastructure that creates the right environment for innovation and real opportunities

Each division with its unique knowledge and capability support  the care process to finally achieve safe, quality, and cost-effective healthcare services that redress the balance of access and value for every member of our community.




Healthcare  Development  Holding  (HDH)  Company   was   formed  in  November  2008  with  the  objective  of developing  and  providing  a  wide  range  of  healthcare  services  while  focusing  on   building   local  expertise. HDH  plans  to achieve its goals through the  strength  of  its  experienced   local   staff and  international  partners.




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