Saudi Arabia prides itself on the fast-paced development and expanding infrastructure accomplished over a period of unprecedented wealth. With approximately 37% of the population below the age of 14, the country has a growth rate that requires an effective harnessing and focusing of the country’s potentials and energies toward fulfilling the needs of the community.

To ensure that the understanding of our future direction is clear to all, King Salman declared, “Saudi Arabia is working towards complete and balanced development and marching solidly towards economic growth.” Emphasis was also placed on expanding the private sector in order to diversify the national economy.



     Until today, health is sharing, with education, the focus of the country’s budget, accounting for 43.8% of total spending

The healthcare sector is a critical component of the Saudi economy. Until today, health is sharing, with education, the focus of the country’s budget, accounting for 43.8% of total spending. Healthcare is still primarily managed and financed by the government through the Ministry of Health (MOH) and a number of semi-public organizations.

On the other hand, the private sector is contributing to the development of healthcare services, but it still accounts for only about  21% of healthcare services through the entire Kingdom.


The country’s exponential growth rate coupled with the increasing of life expectancy and growing prevalence of “lifestyle diseases”, press for better supply of healthcare facilities. Continuing with the status quo is not an option as the current facilities struggle to keep pace with the burgeoning population.


Recognizing the dynamics of change, the Saudi government is pushing for less dependence on government and more involvement of the private sector especially in healthcare.


In clear acknowledgement of the growing expectations of citizens, the government has already introduced numerous initiatives to encourage the private sector to join forces with the public healthcare services to develop the healthcare services in a manner that affirms the worth and preserves the dignity of individuals, families and communities.




Healthcare  Development  Holding  (HDH)  Company   was   formed  in  November  2008  with  the  objective  of developing  and  providing  a  wide  range  of  healthcare  services  while  focusing  on   building   local  expertise. HDH  plans  to achieve its goals through the  strength  of  its  experienced   local   staff and  international  partners.




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