HDH and FSTC (Foundation for Science, Technology and Civilization), the Founding Partners, have successfully collaborated in 2014 to begin the development of a new global initiative, conceived by FSTC and supported by HDH.


Currently it is known as 1001 Cures that is focused on raising awareness of the contributions to medicine and health care from early Muslim Civilisation.


1001 Cures is a scientific project; it does not promote any religion or political affiliation and it focuses purely on the medical & health care discoveries & achievements of people who lived in before and during what historians call “Muslim Civilization”.


It includes Arab, Persian, Indian, Chinese, Central Asian, Malays, Turkish, Berber, Spanish, Sicilian and other nationalities. It included the work of men and women scholars of Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Sabean, Hindu, Buddhist and other faiths.




Healthcare  Development  Holding  (HDH)  Company   was   formed  in  November  2008  with  the  objective  of developing  and  providing  a  wide  range  of  healthcare  services  while  focusing  on   building   local  expertise. HDH  plans  to achieve its goals through the  strength  of  its  experienced   local   staff and  international  partners.




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